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August 5th, 2001
7:13pm pdt (updated 7/4/04 7:19am pdt)

This is an essay titled "A Proclamation for the Masses from the WEBMASTER", and is an update of an essay I originally placed on my "second" permutation of the AllThingsMike website in 2001. A great mass of humanity have personal websites, and some have evolved, while some have stayed much the same as they were designed, and many have perished with the demise of the "free internet". AllThingsMike will stay on my server for as long as I can pay for the privilege of keeping it there.

I am proclaiming that I believe "AllThingsMike" is the only website you'll ever need. I don't mean that, of course, and yet I do. I want to somehow communicate the needs of the people through what I think is interesting online, then either link to or talk about the situation, with news, entertainment, photos, and music links, just like all the portals.
For now, this is just my personal website. In time, I would wish it to be an "internet community" where you can come to find out and discuss art, ideologies, literature, and current events.

Some of the "ideas" for an "online community" have recently been realized with the creation of my Xanga Blog on the Xanga "community." Undoubtedly this community of bloggers has been in existence at least as long as I have had AllThingsMike on my own server, but I was only recently introduced to the service. My Updates page is now my Xanga Blog, which is called "When Words Collide" after one of my "failed blogs" on Blogger.

AllThingsMike began as a dream which I had while surfing personal websites in 1999. If anyone, with the use of web authoring software, and a good hosting company, could conceiveably create art which incorporated both the written word, photos, pictures of anything, video, the moving image, and the ability to not only layer or merge these words and images, thoughts and nightmares, hopes and memories, then surely I could. It really started the fires of creativity in my psyche to burn anew in my mid forties to think I could use these tools to create a depository for my art and musings.

My website would, and has, captured all my latent creative urges. I always speak of the need for a muse, and my website has become my muse: by the very act of posting these words, images, memories, and meanderings in a space where the world can view them, and by listening to the criticisms, praises, and prayers which have come my way as a result of their existence, the "perfect society" I envisioned and wanted to populate with friends and acolytes back in high school would slowly eke itself into existence online. This dream hasn't come true, of course. I have posted a "discussion board" element in hopes that I could "host" a veritable Algonquin Round table of the Internet, and as word spread, my dreams of interacting with and influencing humanity would find a foothold, but this idea, like a lot of my others, is either false or premature.

The dream of course is only a dream. I believe that dreams are natural breaks in the cosmic consciousness, and the reason why they at once seem so familiar yet so strange is that the images and feelings, thoughts and experiences we have in dreams are filtered through the auras and existences of other denizens of the Universal Mind. At these times, in dreams, we know at the most we can, what it is like to communicate on a Universal level, of the type which happens after we achieve the final Realization, and attain perfection of the spirit, and of the mind.

With the "creation" of my own domain, I want to proclaim my intentions right on the front page, and in this essay. No longer, now that the website has been up for almost five years, do I feel I need to place the links to my philosphies deep in these pages. Right here, right on the front page, the doorway to the Universal Mind is standing, and left open. I wish everybody to know that the poetry, the memoirs, the writing both fact and fiction, are merely practice sessions for the book of the ultimate truth, the Book of the Realizations, which culminates in my belief that we are all connected, and if we take the time to read each other a bit more, we will come to important realizations which help us through life. The first web traveller who happened upon these pages got my philosophy, but the basic philosophy has been lost in the graphics and poems.

AllThingsMike is fast becoming my "life online", my "virtual webpresence" is now expanding past the personal. You who visit can get to know me "personally" by what I've chosen to present here. I make it a point not to "Talk" about anyone i meet in my internet travels unless I have your permission. I meet many people, and reconnect with people whom i have known in the past. I still seek my muse in the person of the one who completes me, who has the lock into which I shall place the key to the Universal knowledge, and by gaining this wisdom, we will reconnect with the reality of the masses, those living, those deceased, and those yet to be made flesh. I know this journey has taken so long, because the wonderful symmetry of the Universe is choosing the right moment to make her known to me.

I have had regrets in the corporeal world, and those regrets are slowly being erased, so that I may stand tall and honestly proclaim that I feel completed on this world, and ready to pass into the next, and more important, unknown phase of existence.

As I begin this phase of webauthoring, I am visiting those sections which haven't been given the proper time by me as of yet. The Philosophy Section, should, like the Poetry section, be the place where most of my writing will be collected. Most of my "philosophizing" has been either in the diary section of the Electric Poetry website or in the ComputerBS section, and I don't really believe I've expanded that part of the site as much as I would like.

Truth be told, I would like to revisit and update every section sooner than I do, but simply can't because of either time restraints, creativity fickleness, or procrastination. Then again, it might be said I spend too much time at the computer anyway.

The AllThingsMike Webhub has a definite structure, even though the building blocks all have different addresses on the web. This is a comprehensive experience, an evolving "experiment in art" which now will incorporate the best of information and graphics based websites in design, and hopefully will showcase the talented side of me as well as serve as a repository for my wiriting. And the bottom line, the Universal bottom line, as it were, is that what I believe and write about all has a basic theme, and that theme is my personal philosophy. We are all connected, as living humans, and in the cosmic sense, to the Universal Mind. By sharing my words with you, I hope to connect us even closer. Our differences are very clear for us to see. We need to look for and find what we have in common, and try to understand and tolerate the differences between us.

I have said before, if I can connect with just one person, I feel I have not done this in vain. For even though AllThingsMike is the ultimate personal site, and a stranger should be able to know me after he reads a few of my pages. I believe AllThingsMike is the ultimate universal site as well. I do not claim to "know everything", and God knows my own life could be far richer, but I try to understand humanity, and would like to teach what I have learned. This website has always been the first building block in that direction.

Ultimately, when I visit a personal website, I want the webmaster to take me on a personal view of his "domain". Each piece of artwork, each word of poetry or prose, should be made of the glass of the Universal mirror into which I can peer and see myself, by getting a view of the person behind the creation. The best websites do this. I hope for AllThingsMike to be structured with this in mind.

So I invite you to go exploring, and to read me like a book. Come back often, the images entice, and the ultimate truth is to be revealed in the words. This is not a website to speed through on your way somewhere else. It is a long lazy afternoon under a tree with a good book.Michael F. Nyiri
August 5th, 2001
7:13pm pdt
edited Aug. 19th, 2001

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