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This is a personal website. It contains no advertising and is completely dependent upon the time and effort put into it by it's author for updates and redesigns. I present my "art" and "literature" on this website, along with my philosophy of life. Major sections are in the "clouds" to the right. Current updates can always be found on my blog, WhenWordsCollide.

The sections of the website are explained below.

A Short History of AllThingsMike

I like to say I've been blessed with a charmed life, unaffected by the tragedy and mistrust which govern most lives. My life has been present during a rather turbulent time from a historical perspective, and since 1999 I've been attempting to make sense of it all on this website. My "electronic experiment in art" is always expanding, to chart the course of this life, and the lives of my fellow humans trapped like me in a reality they never dreamed up or asked for.

My actual "life" began in 1953, but the website, while it would attempt to chart that life, would really only start to chart the current, or "electronic life" when it became active on my birthday, May 1, in the year 1999. It all started when I hit the age of 46, and developed an interest in the power of the computer to bring people together over the internet. I wanted to document my words, my art, my musings, and felt that the promise of the internet to enhance and stimulate creativity and the desire to create would eventually bring my art and musings to the masses, and in return, help me to find the muse which would stimulate all my misdirected energy into a "webpresence". I signed on to the budding GeoCities and Homestead web hositing sites and began creating this "webpresence". My original overblown intentions were to archive my "complete works", poems and prose dating back over thirty years. In addition, I wanted to present "art" created with imaging programs and display my "video" movies.

The poetry never completely got transcribed, but the attempt ongoing. In 2004, I began the second incarnation of the ElectricPoetry website, and have transcribed a good many poems written over the past 50 or so years to the site. Since I maintain this massive undertaking myself, I sometimes get behind in updating. From 2007 to the present, most of the updates have been not to the main sections of the website, but to my blog, WhenWordsCollide. Latest poems can always be found in the ElectricPoetry tag on the blog. The poetry of the teens has now pretty much been transcribed to the latest ElectricPoetry page on this site.

I was too far ahead of the curve with the video yearnings. The digital videocamera I purchased was in 1999. It was ancient by digital standards and didn't even input digitally to the computer. I got it before firewire and USB. There have been two video cameras since then, and now, still behind, I don't have HD or 3D capabilities. The 2nd videocamera had a digital still picture function. This feature fueled my love of photography as well as videomaking. Photography is featured on my Flickr site, and is always being updated. AT one time I had over 8000 photos in over 100 themed folders on the old Webshots photo sharing site. I was rated up to #6 of over 15,000 users taking photos of California, but sadly that hosting site has gone out of business. My "MikeVideo Internet Movies" and "Video Blog" can be found on my YouTube "channel". and in the MikeVideo section of this website. The most current updates can be found in the MikeVideo tag on my blog.

The many urges I have to write are never completely satiated, and when I do write, which is seldom, the computer screen stares back at me and laughs like those blank pieces of paper staring from my typewriter so long ago. Now, thanks to a somewhat largish readership for my every-other-daily blog, WhenWordsCollide on the Xanga service, I am writing more than I have in a long time.

I keep paying for the privilege of keeping this site up and running, however, and every year there are more promises to myself to add some more content. When I began the present introduction, it was late 2003. Now it's past another decade later, and more attempts are abrew to chronicle, to journal, to wax poetic and to philosophize. The New Year always brings promise, and I have always vowed not to break any promises. In 2013, I turned 60, and as I promised last year at this time, and the years previously, I feel the need to wirte, to archive past writings, and to create art, in whatever form it feels it has to take. I vow that I will keep Allthingsmike online until I physically pass from this existence, and by then, I truly hope there is some way I can keep my digital universe online as a legacy of my existence forever.

Besides my artistic propensities, I have always been known to prophesize the Universal Truths which take root in the Universal Mind. On my standalone blogsite "The Universal Blog" (linked to at the left) and in the Universal Blog tag on WhenWordsCollide, I post spiritual essays detailing my philosophies about life, death, and the hereafter.

There have been many segments of this website, on many different servers over the years. Some sections have flourished, and some have withered away. As the year 2013 approaches it's halfway point, after not having updated the main site for over two years, I am now revisitng, reworking, and revising, yet again, my massive "electronic experiment in art." If there are broken links, I vow to fix them. If there is a purpose, I vow to soon let myself know what it is. If I somehow ever miraculously gain the readership I crave, and if I somehow start writing like I have vowed in the past, then perhaps I shall find fulfillment. If you, dear reader, feel like you want to journey with me, to the past forms, the present musings, and the future of AllThingsMike, then click one of the clouds on the right, and come with me.

MFN,poet,philosopher,fool 12.27.03 (perpetually updated, most recently 08.04.13)

Comments are always welcome. Leave them on WhenWordsCollide, a daily blog. Or you can "click here" to leave a message. Or you can email me..

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