Figure 1: "Slip? Silly, I hope you dance."


Figure 2: "How do you like

the new refreigerator, dear?"


komedy komedy komedy

The rule of threes in Komedy.

Remembered by Michael F. Nyiri


While watching a Three Stooges short a

number of years ago, a group that has

always seemed to me like a poor man's

Three Stooges, and not one known for

comedic subtlety, I noticed that no joke was

repeated more than three times without a

payoff. I came to the realization right there

that the golden rule of komedy must be:

Do not repeat a joke more than three times

without a payoff.  At three times, the mind

accepts the payoff as a "close" to the joke,

but if the same schtick is repeated a fourth

time, it just isn't funny.



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1977 TVGuidebook parody


the fake blair witch site


Achoo! the Yahoo parody


the homestead parody

October 2001

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Thursday, December 06, 2001:

Tomorrow is the fiftieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and although there is nothing funny about that, the fact that this event, which should, as the original ģ Day Of Infamy, be so highly touted (at least as hyped as the movie version, so long ago, I think in May or June),and isnít even on the cultural radar, in fact , is hardly mentioned in the news at all, seems pretty damn funny.

Of course, it is tragic that the events which overshadowed even Pearl Harbor are current events. After all, young people, who make up the majority of the readership in cyberspace (certainly not my generation, who never could even get those new fangled VCRís to stop flashing 12:00ís, let alone tackle something as fickle as a puter) donít remember Pearl Harbor as anything but a movie, and that was six months ago.

My parents generation remembers it because they fought in that war, and a there are not a lot of them left. They do operate computers, though, in a twist of irony. Now we have a new Day of Infamy and there is nothing to laugh about that either. So, whatís a fella to do. Stop writing this entry, thatís for sure. Iíll think of something funny to say tomorrow.

Thatís right, tomorrow. Tomorrowís another day. Dammit A day still living in infamy in my book, whether or not the media forgot about it!MFN.

Sunday, July 22, 2001
I worked on the beginning of a new parody website yesterday. The link to Achoo!

is over on the left. It is only the portal now but when I add the links this should be

truly hilarious.
It is Monday,
June 18th, 2001
This page was created to be the index for all the website parodies I wanted to create,

but never did.
The first (and only, until last night) one I created, was the Fake Blair Witch site, which

is now only notable for the fact that it was one of the first "sites" created on a program other than the Homestead SiteBuilder software.
With the proliferation of message board posts at
Homestead, after they announced to an

unsuspecting subscriber base of , they claim, 10million people, I was inspired to create

the Homestead Parody website.It was constructed mainly by cutting and pasting the

image gifs and jpgs and HTML coding in Adobe Pagemill, and then modifying the pages. As the free internet, which supplies all of the webpages on my sites, disappears, I will try to find

humor in the situation.



What, me worry.
Nothing is sacred,
anymore. There is no taboo breaking
without breaking it well.
Laugh till you have a heart attack 
and die, you worthless fools.
Abuse isn't funny by the way. So if
you laughed at that, this site is for you. 

Funny haha meets funny strange.





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komedy komedy komedy

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