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Michael F. Nyiri 1.23.04 8:11pm pst

"An Electronic Experiment In Art"A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros 1880  Bouguereau
Art for Art's Sake
Artistic Expression
Ya gotta have 'art.

Whenever one wanders into the kitchen of a house with small children present, there are always fingerpaintings on the refrigerator.
There is freedom of expression engineered into our American Bill of Rights.
World religions and cultures have always been built on a strong foundation which literally bleeds
with artistic passion and pain.
Ecstasy and Elation.

What constitutes art? Art is expression. Art is creativity unleashed. From early cave paintings, through historical majesty, portraiture, landscaping, still lives, drawings, film, and yes, my beloved cartoons, art has inspired and illuminated,
It has also disgusted and disturbed.

I believe in "found art", the instant juxtaposition of elements which might only exist in time for moments.

Art exists, and the artist merely peels back the layers to reveal what was there in the first place, seen only in the artist's mind's eye until it begins to take shape.

AllThingsMike is my attempt at leaving my small stamp on the annals of time. At least until I have to stop paying for the space online.

Many individuals can be thought of as "artists". Creative people create, and sometmes they invent new ways in which we look at the world. A "true artist" inspires us to greatness, and shows the face of humanity. There are many artforms, and there are masters, practitioners, and viewers of all kinds of art.



Sunday Afternoon at the Grand Jatte 1884 Seraut

Michael F. Nyiri 1.23.04 9:56pm pst

I chose to call this section of AllThingsMike the "Yes, But Is It Art?" Gallery after one of the little witticisms I placed in one of my sketchbooks a long time ago. The purpose of the website would be to present, with tounge firmly placed in cheek, a "hisotry" of my "work" much the same way as I had hoped ElectricPoetry would chronicle my verse, and AllThingsMike would chart my prose writings and essays.

The only thing stopping this part of the website right now would be my inability to get images into the computer the way I want to. I have some radical ideas for "digital art" which involve combining TV or video images, painting, and photography, with of course the "digital tweaking" that comes with any number of "art" programs. The ones I dabble in are the wondrous Micrografx PIcture Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, and Ulead Gif Animator. The Studio MX all-in-one product from Macromedia has the Flash program which enables all those budding cartoonists on the net to create those neat webcartoons. (Not to mention Comedy Central hits like South Park). I've been looking forward to the day when I can afford the program. As it is, I use as much of the artistic tools in the Dreamweaver program as I can to try to insure that my website maintains an "artistic" vision. The latest art is displayed in the Computer Art, section accessible at the top of every page. In 2005, I intend to create a lot more "computer art" for this website, and what was once merely a halfhanded attempt at humor will grow into the main Gallery of The Computer Art of Michael F. Nyiri.

As much as I enjoy reading an insightful piece of literature, or seeing a well done film, I enjoy spending long lazy Sunday afternoons in museums and art galleries. I have a wild skewered sense of what constitutes art, and have had this crazy artistic bent for many years, inherited by my mother, whose greatest sense of artistic expression came from the analog copy/pasting she performed making felt storyboards for elementary school children and mimeographed posters for school events. Artist Michael Nyiri

Although she wasn't amazingly talented, she was damn creative, a trait which she gave both my brother, sister, and myself. My brother Daniel is the only true "painter" in the family, and when this site originally went up, before the financial rift with Regina caused our breakup and the stoppage of the inspiration for the Yes But Is It Art? Gallery, I fully intended to "create" much more than I have in the succeeding three years.

Mother "created" an atmosphere of creativity. She was always involved in one school or church project or another, and both my brother, sister, and I found stimulation in this atmosphere.

I have always drawn pictures. When young, my brother and I drew comic books, much like cartoonist Robert Crumb describes in Terry Zwigoff's delicious biography film, Crumb. Except my brother and I drew our magazines in a healthy atmosphere, and though we both had rather twisted senses of humor, we both practiced our art happily. Drawing came naturally, and though I haven't really practiced this art form, also known in certain art circles as "merely cartooning", for years, I do feature a few "pencil drawings" from the early eighties when I was fairly serious about these works as works of art.

My doodles in high school eventually became "Arnold", my "cartoon character". Arnold had a bevy of friends and neighbors, and although I really didn't draw many "comic adventures" besides one "comic book" Arnold decorated all my notebooks, and appeared in the ediorial cartoons I made for our high school newspaper. The cartoon character Ziggy resembles Arnold so much that for years I've felt Tom Wilson must have seen Arnold and "stole" him. I have not really concentrated on "creating art". The few "pieces" I've drawn or composited, are haphazard in frequency, but sometimes I believe I do come up with some interesting ideas and have achieved a minor sort of artistic integrity.



The Beanery 1965 Kienholz.In 1965, whilst still an impressionable young boy, I saw a photo of Edward Kienholz' "The Beanery" in Life Magazine. This photo of diner patrons with clocks for heads gave me early inspiration for the "digital composite" form of art I now practice half heartedly, and immediately after viewing the article, I composed my own "collages" from magazine photos meticulously cut out of decades worth of Life Magazines. I wish I still had some of those early "composites".

I have never "studied" art as I have "studied" literature, but I have read many art books, and have had epiphanies viewing paintings in museums. I favor the "Dutch Masters" who painted "life" in as realistic a manner as possible. I love Keinholz and his installation art, and admire some "pop" art. I like "realism" in art, and do not really favor the impressionists. I do love surrealism however, and am a great fan of Dali. I'm not that keen on Van Gogh. I can stare for hours at a Rembrandt. Pollack and his ilk don't do anything for me.

I have never tried painting, although my brother is a fine painter. I have dabbled in computer painting on a Waco Art Pad using Picture Publisher.




Robot Gal on Parade 2002 Nyiri


Art is a visual reminder that mankind is, if anything, a creative sort, able to use a number of media in order to make statements, inspire emotion, and invoke God and the cosmos. My philosophy of art is that it exists.

Artists are the individuals who point it out for us.

Michael F. Nyiri 2001, 2005