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Copyrighted Material © All Artwork is original, created in the computer by Michael F. Nyiri from 2000 to the present.

NEW"Jessica and Felix" :Completed 12/30/07 Jessica Rabbit and Felix crossing the street in Los Angeles. A new Cartoon composite.
NEW"Beach Flower " :Completed 12/29/07 A combination of two photos, a rose bush overlaid on the Torrance Beach parking lot.
NEW"Point Fermin B&W" :Completed 12/29/07 One of my photos of the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse altered so it's in monochrome.
NEW"Stadium Flower" :Completed 12/29/07 Simple overlay of a rose bush photographed on Macro in front of a Coliseum entrance.
NEW"Santa Monica Pier" :Completed 12/29/07 A simple photo of the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier, tweaked with added birds.
"Coffee Table " :Completed 03/26/07 A coffee table strewn with cultural Icon magazines.

NEW "Dead Bodies": Completed 02/06/07 An image using wheeled coffins on a racetrack created for the WhenWordsCollide blog.
NEW "Castle and Jar Jar": Completed 05/20/06 Jar Jar Binks and Kokopelli outside a magnificent castle.
NEW "Small Jellyfish": Completed 05/20/06 Asst. Jellyfish photographed at the Long Beach Aquarium fronted by some flowers.
"London": Completed 05/20/06 Asst. Jellyfish photographed at the Long Beach Aquarium fronted by some flowers.
"Barbie on the Water" Completed 05/20/06 Barbie walks on water in a peaceful lakeside scene.
"Flashback" Completed 05/20/06 Psychedelic Gal With Clockhead.

NEW "Space Jellies" : Completed 04/17/05 Strange jellyfish floating through space.
"Aquarium Composites" : Completed 04/17/05 Very large goldfish and such captured in aquariums and electronic gear
NEW "NakedSunset" :Completed 03/18/05 Some nudes cavorting with Mr. Peanut on the shore. !!!Explicit/Nudity!!!
"GodJemima" :Completed 03/19/05 More seemingly racist images combined in an inspirational message culled from Jim Crow culture..
NEW "Viva Las Vegas Las Vegas": Completed 03/13/05 Plans for a "new" casino complex in Vegas based on the town in the 60s.
"Mammy" :Completed 02/21/05 Right in time for Black History month.

"GoodYear":Completed 02/21/05 A texturized version of the GoodYear blimp
"Stonehenge" :Completed 02/21/05 The girl is a catwoman, and the disembodied heads are racist "Coon Chicken" restaurant images from the 20s. !!!Explicit/Nudity!!!
"Sunset" :Completed 02/21/05 A muted and distorted view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, CA.
"GalWithClockForHead" :Completed 02/21/05 A rather disturbing psychosexual image. We always have time for naked girls. !!!Explicit/Nudity!!!
NEW "Bedflight" Completed 02/01/05. A gal on a bed flying through the air.
NEW "Hollywood" Completed 01/25/05 A bunch of cartoon characters congregate along Hollywood Blvd.

"Monochrome Clouds " : 01/22/05 Greyscale renditions, with composited elements, of some of my cloudscape photography..
"Self Portrait 2005" : 01/22/05 The first composite of 2005. This is a photo of me with composited elements from a number of sources, including a cloudscape background, inserted architecture, and cloned animals.
NEW "Art 2" Completed 12/31/04 A composite constructed specifically for the Yes But Is Is Art? Gallery site.
NEW "Art" Completed 12/31/04 A companion piece to Art.
"Busses On the Moon" 12/25/04:In a true fit of artistic inspiration, a "found" image of the moon serves as backdrop for school busses parading across the surface ot the moon, with guest appearance by the artist.
"SaturnRise" : 12/25/04
I just sort of threw this together using a photo from Cassini and a castle from Webshots.

"Disneyland at Christmas" :12/22/04 Two pieces. One was created using a photo of twilight clouds overlaid on a photo of Disneyland from a video capture. The image is then colorized to give it the look of one of those old hand tinted postcard. 2nd image from 2002 is a stitched photo of the Cinderella Castle.
NEW "Shackled Angels" 07/25/04 Some angel statues marching along the beachside.
"EarthMother" :2/1/04 This is not a composite "per se". I "drew" and "painted" the portrait, based on a photograph, and composited it into a photograph the subject took. It isn't finished, either, and took about two hours to "draw".
NEW "Beaconing Branches" 06/29/04 Majestic magnolia trees line the beachfront, with added sky and cloudscape, then colorized.
"Tweaked Graffitti" :Another composite using some of the same elements in "Cheerleaders."
"Cheerleaders on the Beach" :Here is a combination of a photo I shot at Cabrillo Beach, with the sky replaced, and the images of the cheerleaders added. The graffitti was there at the time I took the photo.. 3/13/04

Vampboopirella, a Betty Boop composite 2003Robot Gal on Parade

"Breck 2" (Camel) and "BreckPorn" :also composited in 2002. Here are some of the images I worked over for the Advertising section of The Cultural Blender site.

"Girls of Summer" composited in 2002.I know this one got me thrown out of Webshots. It's their background, but I actually "drew" Betty on a Wacom Artpad, so I signed the piece. I noted that I was using copyrighted cartoons on the site, but it wasn't enough. My composite art got a lot of hits too!

"Stitch Presley " composited sometime in 2002. Here I am skewering two copyrighted icons. This may have been one or the composites on my Webshots cartoon gallery when they shut it down. This was done rather quickly, and isn't as inspirational as the thought I had before I actually "created" it.

"RobotGal on Parade" composited sometime in 2002 I loved the robot image which might be something from an Olivia collectible card, or a similar artist. Porn starlet face, and fruit with nipples. There is a definite theme running through some of these composites.

"EdenFractal" composited sometime in 2002 This image is comprised of a porn starlet, fruit, eyes, and a fractal background I got off of a community site at Webshots.

"VerseImage1" composited 4/14/02 Another Anfy Applet, with music from "The Wizard of Oz", and a "poem" I composed especially for the constraints of the program. The image of the waterfall is from Webshots.

"CloudLake" composited 4/12/02 This composite uses Java applets developed by Anfy, and can only be showcased on it's own web page..

"FaceJune" composited 6/02, is more of a "drawing" than a composite..

"SkullsForSale" composited 8/3/01 (exhibit on loan. removed temporarily.) This is, sadly, another pretty sick piece of sh*t if you look at it one way.....but then again....what constitutes art? Good taste?

"Breastmen" composited 7/7/01 Be warned. This is not a kid-friendly piece of art. It is rated "R", and will most likely give people nightmares. But I want to show that I have a rather sick sense of humor, as well.

"HomesteadLemmings" composited 7/7/01 This is inspired by the messages being placed on the boards at Homestead.

"MoonAndCanyon" composited in late 2000 This is one of the first things I composited.

"MikeEyesGuy" composited 4/19/00 I'm finding examples of computer compositing I forgot I had created and am posting links to the works here as I find them. This isn't too "artistic" but exists in my database, so I am putting it up here.


Yes, But is it Art?

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