The movies I see in theaters sometimes blow me away, or cause me to bow in awe at the temple of filmgoing, but having the capability to view movies in the home, on a bigscreen television, on my own time, with almost the same impact as in the theater, was a dream I long harbored, and has only recently nearly come true. This section will pick up the films I see on the DVD digital video disc medium fromeither rentals or in those occasions where I purchase the DVD. If I cant get to a movie in the theaters, then chances are I will eventually rent it on DVD, or wait till it arrives on one of the movie services on Directv, and I will record it on the TIVO machine, and see it there.I usually get around to seeing most every important movie or film in a given year one way or another.

New REVIEW for the DVD edition of Stephen King’s “The Stand”

                    Started 10/17/01



"Along Came A Spider"     DVD Review 10/17/01

Morgan Freeman as Alex
Cross chases
through the
streets of Washington D.C.
in search of the truth.

 Mikometer Rating:7 of 10
Recent capsule DVD Reviews:

"The Godfather Collection" director: Francis Ford Coppola Mikometer Rating: 10 of 10


"Star Wars The Phantom Meanace" director: George Lucas Mikometer Rating: 6 of 10

The movie is only so-so, it has been derided by the group I chose to view it with. I still like the production design, the computer imagery, and the excitement, but I’ll admit it. This is a real stinkeroo. I  still have to sample the “extra features.”



"Memento" director: Christopher Nolan Mikometer Rating: 10 of 10

This might just be the best film so far released for consideration of the 2001 Academy Awards,
is such a "small" film that it will probably not be considered.  The premise
for the movie: that the chronology appears to
the audience in reverse, with
the “twist ending” in effect really the “twist beginning”, is the brightest bit
of filmmaking I’ve
seen in years. Not only is it technologically incredible, but it
is completely different in terms of narrative, and makes for
excellent filmmaking.


"Enemy at the Gates" director: Jean-Jacques Annaud Mikometer Rating: 8 of 10

The best war film released this year, I didnt like the previews so never saw it in a theater, whichwas possibly the worst mistake I made. The DVD edition is splendid, and offers a showcase fothe impeccable acting talents of Jude Law and the always reliable Ed Harris.


"Citizen Kane" director: Orson Welles Mikometer Rating: 11 of 10

It has been called the greatest film of all time. It does have the best black and white cinematographyever captured on film, and now, after returning a defective DVD to the store, I am about to settleback and review this ultimate version of the ultimate film. In retrospect, Welles probably said asmuch about his career as he did Hearsts.


"15 Minutes" director: John Herzfeld Mikometer Rating: 6 of 10

Robert De Niro, Edward Burns, and some nasty terrorist activity in a thriller which tries, howeverunsuccessfuly , to document the state of the media during a crisis. Lumets "Network" in 1976 coveredsome of the same territory far more brilliantly.


"The Wicker Man" director: Anthony Schaeffer Mikometer Rating: 9 of 10

One of the most chilling horror stories ever committed to film. Made in 1971 but not even released until1974, this little gem of a movie details the search of a constable (Edward Woodward) for a little girlwho has gone "missing" on the English coastal island of Summerisle, a haven for pagan ideologies run bya young and charming Christopher Lee.

As I find the time, I will write individual reviews for each DVD
edition, and spend more time on the
ones I buy with the special features. All the above movies, except
for "Kane" and "The Wicker Man",
“The Godfather Collection” and “Star Wars The Phantom Menace” were rentals.MFN 10/7/01