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An Infrequently updated guide, at least four times a year, chronicling the ever increasing stream of entertainment coming soon to a multiplex/video store/Tivo machine near you.


This will take some time to initially set up, but this will be my source page for all upcoming releases, with links to the official sites, the IMDB links, photos, and whether or not the upcoming film/movie is on my radar, posesses any buzz, and my impressions based on the preview. Each upcoming release will have a number of popcorn bags or projectiors according to the legend below, so it can be easily assessed. Comments will be inserted in the right.
LEGEND: Popcorn Status
I really want to see this movie. Advance notice excellent. Credibility is impeccable. Anything by a favorite director, Altman, Scorsese, Frankenheimer, Lumet, De Palma etc. One of the 'Book Projects
I'll make it a point to watch for this project. Either because of director, star, talent of any kind, especially well written or imaginatively lensed.
I''ll need more information/interest to be able to say for sure whether or not I'd want to recommend this flick. It's on the radar, I'm not concentrating on this one right now.
Little to no interest on my part. Yet Another'Weekend With Bernie?? Sorry, I'll pass. Won't debut on the top ten, or else it's star Adam Sandler and gross 80k Well, maybe not, but it doesn't matter. This isn't art, it's commerce, and I don't care to see it.
You don't need to bother with this one. Not on my radar at all. If the idea of the movie doesn't excite me, then chances are this turkey will not be thought about again. (I accept all 'I told you so's, too., and like to admit in retrospect where I'm wrong.




LEGEND: Preview Saturation
I've seen the preview so many times I wish the movie would come out so the preview would go away.
I've seen this preview a couple of times now, and it just might be beginning to become annoying.
I saw the preview for this movie.
I haven't yet seen a preview for this movie.









Informational Note: In February 2002 there were 25movies listed on this page. Of those 25, I saw only 2in theaters.

With Summer, as usual, I update this site, and am starting to write a few reviews, as movies start to excite me again.




















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