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I learned everything I know at the movies.


ElectricMovies attempts to give you a definite reason whether or not to see a film.
I see usually one movie a week at the theater, and view countless others on DVD and through the Tivo service on my DirecTV. A lot of movies are mere eye candy, but some resonate with feeling and substance. All the actual "reviews" and "appreciation pages" shall be listed here. I usually will not see a film unless it holds interest for me, and like most of the populace, I look forward to the blockbuster entertainment de jour. Some films are works of art, however, and some movies are more like rollercoaster rides. I only write about the films which I deem special, and if a special film gets over a 5 of 10 on the Mikometer, then it is worth your while. The intent was originally to offer a review of the films I saw in the theater, which proved to be far more than I ever cared to write about. So as the "special" treatments are given, they will be added to this database, or the content for a future book I'm writing about films which matter. (or in the case of the few negative reviews, those which don't.) As of 2003, the definite purpose of ElectricMovies is to chronicle the "movies that matter", and I am writing "reviews/appreciations" of some classic films as well as new ones.

So this can be used as a database, I'm including the MIKOMETER rating of 1-10 next to the title, and rate the films in order of "importance" for each previous year.

Michael F. Nyiri 7/29/01

poet, philosopher, fool, and film historian




VGangs Of New York 10 of 10The Pianist 10 of 10A Beautiful Mind 7 of 10Lord Of The Rings 8 of 10Oceans Eleven 8 of 10Mulholland Drive 7 of 10


Shrek 10 of 10 Moulin Rouge 10 of 10 Pollock 8 of 10 A.I. Artificial Intelligence 8 of 10 Along Came A Spider 7 of 10 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 8 of 10 The Others 7 of 10The Mummy Returns 7 of 10 Planet of the Apes 6 of 10 Jurassic Park III 4 of 10


Space CowboysThe Perfect Storm The Patriot


The Cider House RulesAmerican Beauty The Talented Mr. Ripley Being John Malkovich Magnolia The Sixth Sense Bringing Out the Dead The Muse The Blair Witch Project The Haunting The Haunting (prereview) Eyes Wide Shut The Thirteenth Floor Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


Phantom of the Paradise 11 of 10


ElectricMovies Diary


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