What The World Is Talking About This Week.


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The World


■ Taliban offer Conditional Surrender, Want Omar Muhammed to go free. Americans shrug, ask: “Conditional terms? That’s not in the dictionary, is it?”

Israelis take two days off, get back to killing Palestinians. Want Arafat’s ass.

Arafat Arrests 180 radicals. Israelites proclaim: ”They’re the wrong guys. Start your engines.”


Northern Alliance Takes Kunduz, War Almost Over!

National News


■ FBI opens anthrax laden mail addressed to Sen. Leahey who sues

■ US Home Security advisor Tom Ridge warns of more terrorist attacks, but it’s starting to  sound like Cry Wolf


Scientists Quietly Continue Cloning Experiments while America Sleeps.




Jlo to Tour in Concert. Fires her Fan Club president.

“Harry Potter” accused of

 witchcraft, burned at stake.

Rodney Dangerfield

Celebrates 80th Birthday

with Heart Attack. Gets No



These girls are computer savvy in more ways than one.

The Way It Was. Don’t worry about modern times.

What would Jesus Do?

Watch Movies All Day on Your Computer


What I Absolutely Need To Know Right Now

Date & Time: Friday, December 7, 2001

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Chutes And Ladders In Afghanistan


The Northern Alliance, the ethnic Pushtins, the Al Quada Terrorist Network Cells. Thrill to the up to the minute changing of allegiances amongst those wacky turbaned Afghanis when you play Chutes and Ladders in Afghanistan. By Milton Bradley and CNN. Climb all the way up to Kabul, only to slide back down to Kandahar. Fun, Exciting, Informative.Up-To-Date, ripped from today’s hearsay. Now Includes 7500 Norther Alliance 1000 Taliban, 450 Tanks, 1 Osama bin Laden, 1 Omar Muhammed, caves not included.


What do I Know???

Incisive Commentary About What Really Matters.

■ Thank God It’s Friday!

■ Well, the longer the page stays online, the easier it will get to constantly keep on top of this thing.

We are ultimately alone, and can be happier if we realize this sooner in life.

That “Man Who Wasn’t There” by the Coen Brothers is one of the best films of the year.

I still should call that wonderful woman Kathy who I met serving on Jury Duty. She’s got a really keen sense of humor.

Another weekend goes by updating the massive one person website.

What do They Know???

They Don’t Know Jack…..

■ The Justice System consists of several well meaning people who are trapped in a system overseen by detail obsessed lawyers.

■ They’re asking too many questios again.

Half of the Beatles are gone, but all the Rolling Stones survive. Even Keith! Go Figure.




The State of The Union

■ FBI opens anthrax laden mail addressed to Sen. Leahey who sues.

■ US Home Security advisor Tom Ridge warns of more terrorist attacks, but it’s starting to  sound like Cry Wolf.



John Wayne Airport Closes Twice

Old News: Gray Davis Warns Californians to Stay off Bridges.


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AllThingsMike is becoming a real “experiment in art.”

AllThingsMike and ElectricPoetry are joining more web rings.

AllThingsMike is drawing praise as well as flies.