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New betty composites

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December 2008: As part of the updating of the Betty Boop Pages, I have completed about a half dozen high quality images using my new Sony Cybershot 7.2 megapixel camera. This is a composite consisting of three separate images. First, the car is from my series on the Culver City Kustoms. from May of 2008. The city street is Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, from the Downtown in L. A. photo folder. I just recently photographed Betty Boop and colorized the red skirt this doll wears. The result is a simpler, more elegant photocomposite than some of the early works I have added to this page.

There are now three galleries pretty well filled with my Betty Boop Danbury Mint composite artworks. Below, click on the thumbnail image in the Gallery to see the page on which the image is located. The pages can be accessed one after the other as well. Hopefully I can create a slidewhow feature for this site, but I never did finish the individual pages, and I plan to get all my images collected here on this site prior to the 10th year anniversary of AllThingsMike, my main website, of which The Betty Boop Pages is a part.



Gallery One

Betty on the Moon Sept. 9 2001 Betty Heart Valentine Sept. 9, 2001

Dancing Bettys    Aug. 19, 2001 Betty's New York Night Aug. 19, 2001

Malt Shoppe Betty   Aug. 19, 2001 Radio City Betty   Aug. 26, 2001

Bike Trips 1 : 8/26/01 Bike Trips 2: 8/26/01

Bike Trips 3: 8/26/01 Betty Riders 9/23/01

Bike on Fire 9/05/01 Blue Betty Bikers 9/05/01

Betty Rides the Kitchen  9/23/01

These images are from the first Betty Boop Pages site from 2001

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Gallery two

Easter Greetings 2002 Betty and the Bunnies 2002

Eggs Background  3/25/02 Betty on the cliffs 03/26/02

Fireworks Gal 06/26/02 Betty Hentai drawing

Hitchin' 6/26/02 Flags and Ribbons 06/26/02

Order's Ready 06/26/02 The Girls of Summer 6/26/02

Betty Fashion 1 10/8/02 Betty Fashion #2 10/2/02

Betty and Stitch 10/19/03 VampBoopirella 10/19/03

Beach Boop Summer 2004 Betty in her living room 6/04

All of these composite images from 2002-2003 were on the first site's "Feature Pages" section.

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Gallery three

Summer 05 Bettys Shopping 6/08/05

Boop Elegance 06/08/05 Cheerleading 06/08/05

Betty Bikers in L.A. 6/11/05 Betty In Frisco 6/11/05

Boopin' Holiday 12/21/05 Betty Boop Dreams title card 1/14/06

Betty Boop title card 06/10/07 Blue Betty  6/12/07

Excluding the very first image in this gallery, all these composites first made their appearance on the index page to this site, where they sat for over three years. Now a new group of composites take their place. Two of the images are title cards for my two Betty Boop MikeVideos.

Click on the thumbnails for full size images.


Gallery FOUR

Soda Shoppe Betty 12/11/08 Betty in the City 12/12/08

Betty with Classic Auto 12/13/08

These images are from the latest pieces in my collection. The images of Betty are new photos taken with the 7.2 megapixel camera.

Click on the thumbnails for full size images.



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Betty at the AllthingsMike Motel October 2003
Here is a composite which showed up on one of my blogs, but I don't think I ever put it on the Betty Pages. Betty is a collectible, and that's Nicole and Ewan in "Moulin Rouge" dancing in the background. MFN 10/19/03

Betty and Mike
I created this small and unfinished image to promote The Betty Pages on AllThingsMike's main page sometime in 2002 or 2003.

Boop 013
One of the early images taken of Cowgirl Betty against a solid background, which was then replaced in the Picture Publisher program with these blue curtains, which are from a frame capture of the old movie, "The Court Jester."


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