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This is the latest front page for the AllThingsMike website seemingly perpetually Under Construction. Some sections may be unfinished, and some links may not work.  

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AllThingsMike is the personal website of Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

NOVEMBER 3, 2013: The big news is my latest MikeVideo Internet Movie. It's the first in full 1080p Hi Definition. NOW PLAYING HERE. 
SEPTEMBER 8, 2013: The "new Xanga" has been launched, and I'm keeping my blog on Xanga. There are glitches, but it's still online, and I'm making ongoing attempts to fix errant code and re-insert the images that have been lost during the changeover. Check it out HERE.
AUGUST 4, 2013: After sitting stagnant since 2011, I have finally begun to "reconstruct" my large unwieldy personal website, bringing it up to date stylistically, yet hopefully retaining the rich graphic quality of the original. (still online HERE comprised of most of the original pages) The 2013 version of AllThingsMike will be updated regularly, with a new Wordpress enabled blog (WhenWordsCollide, still on the Xanga server) at the end of August, revamped site pages for each of the sections, always presenting the most recent artistic endeavors (listed to the right in the sidebar) and a new planned prose section with easy access to my blognovels, autobiograpy, and short fiction, heretofore scattered among the site's pages with no real rhyme nor reason.

Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool
AllThingsMike has been an internet presence since 1999, nearly 15 years, always attempting to present art and literature as it is being created, with a nod to social networking platforms. It will soon have it's own Facebook page, along with my own personal Facebook wall, where I regularly provide "status updates" on my collected 60 years experience on planet earth.

Writing, including prose and poetry, art and videomaking, weight lifting, photography, religion, philosophy and an unabiding interest in the grand designs and ill advised foibles of my fellow humans, I have varied interests and various outlets for my creative endeavors, all collected here in a hopefully entertaining and uplifting "webpresence." 

Come with me on the ultimate journey through the AllThingsMike WebUniverse!